MEGA-MENDUNG is a famous pattern from Cirebon Region-West Java, Indonesia.

The history of the emergence of Mega-Mendung pattern based on some literature is always lead to the history of the arrival of the Chinese to Cirebon region.

History shows that in the 16th Century Sunan Gunung Jati   spread the Islam in Cirebon, and married to the Queen of the Chinese Tien Ong. Some art objects was brought from China to Cirebon such as ceramics, plates and cloth which decorated with cloud shapes (‘Mega’).

In Taoism (Chinese beliefs) , clouds form is symbolizing the world, free, meaningful and the greatness of GOD. The concept of the cloud are also influence the Islam Art in the 16th century, it represented the world..

There are differences between Mega-Mendung pattern from China and from Cirebon. The China’s Mega-Mendung pattern shows a line of dots or circles clouds, while in Cirebon’s, the lines clouds tend oval, pointed and triangular.

Mega-Mendung pattern was originally an element always red blue which describes masculinity and dynamic atmosphere, it because of the process of making the man intervention. The Tarekat (one of Islam stream member) were initially pioneered the tradition of wearing Mega-Mendung pattern. Blue and deep red color also describes the psychology of coastal community that are straightforward, open and egalitarian.

In addition, the color blue is also touted a broad color symbolizes the sky, friendly and quiet as well as carriers of rain symbolizes the awaited as the bearer of fertility and the giver of life. The used blue color ranging from light blue to dark blue, it shows the more bright light blue and dark blue depict the life and the dark clouds    contain of water, and hopefully will give life.

Source: compile from some sources.

Some Important Note :

Mega-Mendung pattern as clouds is always drawn horizontally. Another pattern which has a similar pattern is called ‘Wadasan’, it is drawn vertically which is represent ‘rocks’ that was used to construct the ‘Taman Sari Sunyaragi’ in Cirebon.

But, nowadays the pattern become varied because of the fashion industry.

Here, some examples of Batik Mega-Mendung Pattern

              Wadasan or rocks


              Mega-mendung & Dragons (modified)

              Mega-mendung & Red Butterflies (modified)

              Mega-mendung & Blue Butterflies (modified)

              Wadasan or rocks

               Grey Mega-mendung in white back-ground

              Tosca Mega-mendung in white back-ground

               Purple Mega-mendung

              Purple Mega-mendung & Green Butterflies

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