This is the activity in ‘Griya Peni –  Mbatik yuuuk’

Sharing Knowledge on:

  • Brief History on  Batik
  • Philosophy  behind each  Batik Pattern
  • Types of  Batik
  • Batik materials
  • Batik Processes
  • Tips in choosing batik pattern or how to use Batik correctly

Minimum  20 people and maximum 200 people. If it is more than 100 people might be divided into two  groups if the Workshop held in Indonesia; if outside Jakarta or might be in your country maximum 20 people in one time.

The workshop only 2 – 3 hours,   (the pattern will be provided by team).

If you interested take private course, please contact Mrs.Indra Tjahjani   +62 811 1683 98


  1. Cotton Hanky  27×27 cm or 35×35 cm
  2. Cotton Scarf 27 x 110 cm 0r 35 x130 cm
  3. Cotton Big Scarf 110 x 110 cm or  50 x 150 cm
  4. Cotton Kain Panjang/Jarit/long skirt 110 x 225 cm

Price  includes  all material & coloring. You may borrow the canting tools. (you may also ordered the packet of tools and material from us in advanced )

Note : Price for Overseas Workshop – depend on which country that the workshop will be held.


  1. In Indonesia : for big group we will  have the workshop  in Museum Bank Mandiri in  Old City of Batavia or Jakarta Kota  or in Estubizi co-working space  in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta or others.
  2. You may invited us  for any special event– prefer open  garage or veranda; We need  a lot of fresh air.

We are also provide some tools for you to practice by your own, just contact us for price and handling at +62 811 1683 98 (Mrs. Indra Tjahjani )

we also have :

1. fabric  around 2.25 x 105 cm width with classic pattern ready to wax/hand writing – Rp 250.000

2. canting – traditional pen for waxing @ Rp 17.000 (one point)

3. wax – to start your own Batik @ Rp 15.000,-/block  for  about  0.5-1 meter fabric. or @ Rp 120.000/for about 8 size wok if melted.

4. paraffin – to make special effect of cracking Batik @ Rp 35.000,-/block

5. small carosene  stove @ Rp 65.000/piece (pre-order)

cover made from earthenware/traditional ceramic process (keren dari kreweng) @ Rp 400.000,- (pre order)

                                 traditional earthenware (keren made from kreweng)

7. small  wok (wajan) diameter 16 cm @ Rp 40.000,-

8. mori or fabric for making Batik primisima @ Rp 45.000/meter

9. brush for sweeping your paraffin @ Rp 20.000/piece

10. Pembidang or  plastic frame/holder to hold your small Batik @ Rp 28.000/piece

11. Gawangan or Batik hanger made of Special Bamboo @ Rp 400.000 (SOLD OUT)

12. Hanging Ladder made of Special Bamboo @ Rp 400.000 (SOLD OUT)

13, Wooden Batik hanger or Gawangan, size 110 cm wide and  155 high (price as request)

Mbatikyuuuk Peni Gawangan

all prices without handling n sending with Tiki or JNE ( depend on weight and volume and location )