This is our activities in ‘Griya Peni –  Mbatik yuuuk’, since June 2022 we call Griya Peni Art Space

Sharing Knowledge on:

  • Brief History on  Batik
  • Philosophy  behind each  Batik Pattern
  • Types of  Batik
  • Batik materials
  • Batik Processes
  • Tips in choosing batik pattern or how to use Batik correctly

After the Covid 19 , 10 people only for each workshop/day.

The workshop only 2 – 3 hours,   (the pattern will be provided by team).

If you interested take private course, please contact Mrs.Indra Tjahjani   +62 811 1683 98


  1. Cotton Hanky  27×27 cm or 35×35 cm
  2. Cotton Scarf 27 x 110 cm 0r 35 x130 cm
  3. Cotton Big Scarf 110 x 110 cm or  50 x 150 cm
  4. Cotton Kain Panjang/Jarit/long skirt 110 x 225 cm

Price  includes  all material & coloring. You may borrow the canting tools. (you may also ordered the packet of tools and material from us in advanced )

Note : Price for Overseas Workshop – depend on which country that the workshop will be held.


After the Covid 19 we only doing the workshop in Griya Peni Art Space (with Kedai Kopi & Herbal Tea),  it located in the border of  East of Jakarta and Bekasi ( for detail you may contact Mrs Indra by WA only +62 0811 1683 98 )

Before Covid we conducted :

  1. In Indonesia : for big group we will  have the workshop  in Museum Bank Mandiri in  Old City of Batavia or Jakarta Kota  or in Estubizi co-working space  in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta or others.
  2. You may invited us  for any special event– prefer open  garage or veranda; We need  a lot of fresh air.

We are also provide some tools for you to practice by your own, just contact us for price and handling (+62 811 1683 98 (Mrs. Indra Tjahjani )

we also have :

1. fabric  around 2.25 x 105 cm width with classic pattern ready to wax/hand writing – Rp 250.000

2. canting – traditional pen for waxing @ Rp 17.000 (one point)

3. wax – to start your own Batik @ Rp 15.000,-/block  for  about  0.5-1 meter fabric. or @ Rp 120.000/for about 8 size wok if melted.

4. paraffin – to make special effect of cracking Batik @ Rp 35.000,-/block

5. small kerosene stove @ Rp 65.000/piece (pre-order)

cover made from earthenware/traditional ceramic process (keren dari kreweng) @ Rp 400.000,- (pre order)

                                 traditional earthenware (keren made from kreweng)

7. small  wok (wajan) diameter 16 cm @ Rp 40.000,-

8. mori or fabric for making Batik primisima @ Rp 45.000/meter

9. brush for sweeping your paraffin @ Rp 20.000/piece

10. Pembidang or  plastic frame/holder to hold your small Batik @ Rp 28.000/piece

11. Gawangan or Batik hanger made of Special Bamboo @ Rp 400.000 (SOLD OUT)

12. Hanging Ladder made of Special Bamboo @ Rp 400.000 (SOLD OUT)

13, Wooden Batik hanger or Gawangan, size 110 cm wide and  155 high (price as request)

Mbatikyuuuk Peni Gawangan

all prices without handling n sending with Tiki or JNE ( depend on weight and volume and location )