THE PERSON BEHIND Griya Peni – Mbatik Yuuuk – remember with 3 U


  • Doctor of  Environmental Planning, esp. in Cultural Heritage of University of Canberra –  Australia, 2005
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, The  University of Melbourne – Australia, 1992
  • Master of  Management  Information System, Budi Luhur University – Indonesia, 2004
  • Engineer of Landscape Architecture, Trisakti  University, Jakarta, 1981

Lecturing & Sharing :

  • Lecturer  for Landscape Architecture Faculty – Trisakti University, 1978 – 20004
  • Lecturer for Bina Nusantara University (for Landscape Design, Seminar/Presentation for Profession, e-Business, Management Information Systems, Site Planning, Aesthetic, etc), 2000 – 2022
  • Lecturer for Communication Faculty, International Relations Faculty and  Design Faculty of  Paramadina  University

Full activities after retired  from The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), she worked at LIPI since 1978-2011, which she was involved in World Bank Project for LIPI JELITA (Information Technology Networking & Systems for Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

Other Activity :
Indra is introducing to the young people the heritage places and conserving traditional culture under the name of ‘Heritage Walk’  since year 2000;  Introducing Indonesia Arts includes making batik under the name of  ‘Griya Peni-Mbatik Yuuuk” to ‘Save Indonesia Cultural Heritage through an Amazing Experience in making Batik;

Indra, member of  Friends of Mandiri Museum There for Bank Mandiri Museum (MBM), since March 2009.

Indra love to share, therefore Indra always updated Mbatikyuuuk websites.

*)Mbatik Yuuuk, literally means let’s make batik


(Mrs. Indra’s husband)

  • Landscape Architect who really love art, making batik with high feeling  and patient
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Trisakti University

Some of his design in Landscape Architecture mainstream are :

  • Bung Karno, the first Indonesia’s President Graveyard area – Blitar, East Java
  • Bird Garden One – TMII – Jakarta Timur
  • Taman Ayodya – Jalan Barito – Jakarta Selatan
  • Taman Barito, Jakarta Selatan
  • many others

elu punya yoMe


( Mrs Indra’s first soon )

  • Bachelor of Computer Science of Bina Nusantara University
  • Love touring, by  ‘Bajaj’ motor-bike, around Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Used to work as a Co-Producer at Multi National Company
  • Ad designer
  • Responsible for the Mbatikyuuuk documentations & websites

Peni & Aryo


( Mrs.. Indra’s second son )

  • Bachelor of Design Product of Trisakti University
  • Bachelor of Communication of Open University
  • Master of Marketing Communication of London School
  • Visual Merchandizer at Multi National Company
  • Responsible of Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication


(Mrs Indra’s daughter )

  • Bachelor of Graphic Design of Bina Nusantara University, and still doing  her Master Degree in Marketing Communication
  • Used to Worked as Shoes designer at Multi National Company
  • Fashion designer
  • Tutor in Mbatikyuuuk activities
  • Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication
  • Interior Designer for Griya Peni Art Space


(Aryo’s wife)

  • Graduated from Bina Nusantara University in Marketing Communication
  • Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication
  • Tutor in Mbatikyuuuk activities
  • Used to Worked for multinational company


PLUS  nieces and nephews and also some extra friends if its needed.