THE PERSON BEHIND Griya Peni – Mbatik Yuuuk – remember with 3 U

Ms.INDRA Tj  in a GLANCE :

  • Doctor of  Environmental Planning, especially in Cultural Heritage of University of Canberra –  Australia, 2005
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, The  University of Melbourne – Australia, 1992
  • Master of  Management  Information System, Budi Luhur University – Indonesia, 2004
  • Engineer of Landscape Architecture, Trisakti  University, Jakarta, 1981

Lecturing & Sharing :

  • Lecturer  for Landscape Architecture Faculty – Trisakti University.
  • Lecturer for Bina Nusantara University (for Landscape Design, Seminar/Presentation for Profession, e-Business, Management Information Systems)
  • Lecturer for Communication Faculty, International Relations Faculty and  Design Faculty of  Paramadina  University

Full activities after retired  from The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), she worked at LIPI since 1978-2011, which she was involved in World Bank Project for LIPI JELITA Information Technology Networking.

Other Activity :
Indra is introducing to the young people the heritage places and conserving traditional culture under the name of ‘Heritage Walk’  since year 2000 and introducing Indonesia Arts includes making batik under the name of ‘Save Indonesian Heritage through Amazing Experience in making Batik;

Indra also a  member of  Friends of Mandiri Museum There for Bank Mandiri Museum (MBM) is allowing her to open her workshop once a month at MBM since March 2009.

Indra love to share, therefore Indra always try to updated Mbatikyuuuk websites.

*)Mbatik Yuuuk, literally means let’s make batik


(Mrs. Indra’s husband)

  • Lansdcape Architect who really love art, making batik with high feeling  and patient
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Trisakti University

Some of his design in Landscape Architecture mainstream are :

  • Bung Karno, the first Indonesia’s President Grave yard – Blitar, East Java
  • Bird Garden One – TMII – Jakarta Timur
  • Taman Ayodya – Jalan Barito – Jakarta Selatan
  • many others

elu punya yoMe


( Mrs Indra’s first soon )

  • Bachelor of Komputer Science of Bina Nusantara University
  • Love touring, by  ‘Bajaj’ motor-bike, around Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Used to work as a Co Produser at Multi National Company
  • Ad designer
  • Responsible for the Mbatikyuuuk documentations & websites

Peni & Aryo


( Mrs.. Indra’s second son )

  • Bachelor of Design Product of Trisakti University
  • Bachelor of Communication of Open University
  • Master of Marketing Communication of London School
  • Visual Mechandizer at Multi National Company
  • Responsible of Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication


(Mrs Indra’s daughter )

  • Bachelor of Graphic Design of Binus University, and still doing  her Mater Degree in Marketing Communication
  • Shoes designer at Multi National Company
  • Tutor in Mbatikyuuuk activities
  • Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication


(Aryo’s wife)

  • Graduated from Bina Nusantara University in Marketing Communication
  • Mbatikyuuuk Marketing and Communication
  • Tutor in Mbatikyuuuk activities
  • Works for multinational company


PLUS  nieces and nephews and also some extra friends if its needed.