GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) from all over the world meet in Jakarta, Indonesia. They interested to know more about BATIK one of the INDONESIAN Cultural Heritage

Dr.Ir. Indra Tjahjani, love to share about the History of Batik, the Philosophy behind each Batik pattern, and making your own Batik using Canting.

02. intro IMG_9449

03. btk kudus IMG_9454

Batik Kudus as a reproduction of  Batik in Dutch era (around 1940’s)

04. btk kudus IMG_9456

05 degree45. IMG_9470

Remember the 45 degree position when you draw the outline of pattern

06. IMG_9472

13. smua nyanting IMG_9481

14. smua yg mbatik IMG_9483

15. smua IMG_9485



18. IMG_9488

19. devina IMG_9489

22. next to USA IMG_9500

23. discussion with USA IMG_9501

24. smile IMG_9503

25. mike IMG_9505

26. devina IMG_9514

29. filipino IMG_9531

30. mike IMG_9534

31. canada IMG_9535

32. china name IMG_9536

33. before usa n filipino IMG_9541

36. mike b4 IMG_9548

37b. devina n china IMG_9554

38. pewarnaaan IMG_9561

39. warna usa n filipino IMG_9566

40. trico IMG_9569

41. devina fin IMG_9576

42. filipino IMG_9578

43. sebagn IMG_9583

44. sebgn IMG_9584

45. sbgn IMG_9581

01. semua dg hasilnya IMG_9585