iDiDe – Intercultural Dialogue Through Design – 30 January 2015 @ BINUS UNIVERSITY

iDiDe – Intercultural Dialogue Through Design – 30 January 2015,


Deakin University, Australia  & International Islamic University Malaysia visit  Faculty of Engineering & Architecture Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia

In this event DR.Ir.Indra Tjahjani, SS, MLA, MMSI introducing Indonesian traditional method in making pattern in fabric using wax.

One of the BATIK  pattern which called KAWUNG was use as an inspiration in Designing  an art work, as seen in ‘A Swirl of Giant Batik’ at London Festival of Architecture Installation (from many different sources).

 01. IMG_3079 copy 02.judul preentasi 03. in markus IMG_3094 copy 04. kelas IMG_3095 copy 05. in IMG_3096 copy 06. pres in IMG_3100 copy 07. definition batik IMG_3101 copy 08. IMG_3151-bunda copy 09. ;BATIK BETAWI DANCE IMG_3085 copy instalasi instalasi-2 london festival of arch