IF you interested to know more about BATIK just contact : Dr. Ir. Indra Tjahjani, SS,MLA,MMSI (Mrs), she LOVE to share and she still doing  some research in BATIK :+62 817 1977 47 or +62 811 1683 98.  e-mail : Time fleksible, PACKAGE ONE  (4 times @ 150 minutes).  Place : Jati Cempaka, close to Pondok Kelapa-East JAKARTA (close to Cikampek toll-road, public transport available). Thank you.



BATIK is a long process start from preparing the ‘mori’ (fabric), drawing the pattern, writing using CANTING and ‘malam’ in the both side, coloring using synthetic color or natural dye, peel of the ‘malam’ that called NGLOROT, wash the product, last process by dry it in shade.

BATIK is a kind of ART that has been written by deep feeling, pray and fasting.

BATIK  is a UNIQUE composition which includes ART, HISTORY, CULTURE & LIFE STYLE.

As long as it has been produces using ‘MALAM’ it called BATIK, if it is NOT, DO NOT called it BATIK

Here are the process of in making BATIK

01. MOLANItracing the pattern to the ‘mori’ or  fabric

02. WM dicanting copystart to use CANTING to write onto the mori both side of the fabric

03. WM dibasahi n dibersihkan copyafter finished written the fabric, soak into clean water

04. WM dimasukan ke bag pengikat warna copysoak into a kind of  liquid  which is strengthen the color

05. WM diwarnai copysoak into synthetic color liquid

06.WM  selesai diwarna masih ada lilinnya copy

finished coloring but still contain ‘malam’ (malam still cover the original white fabric)

08. WM nglorot copyclean ‘the malam’ by  put into boiled water

09. WM selesai dilorot copyfinished coloring and placed in the shade

10.WM siapdijahit copyready to make shirt – this is our own design ‘CECAK JERAT BUAYA’ (literary means GECKO  CATCH CROCODILE)

001B.Cecak Jerat Buaya

HERE are our  former students :

??????????Mrs Tantri Pitts, USA

??????????Mrs,.Tantri Pitts, USA

??????????small scarf

??????????big scarf

??????????Mrs Yanti, now in HOLLAND, made a big scarf

???????????????????????????????big scarf

???????????????????????????????University student interviewed and made some documentation a part of their thesis – good luck

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