BATIK PRIVATE COURSE : Batik History, Philosophy behind each pattern & Batiking using Canting

Please send text message to 0817 1977 47 for join the BATIK PRIVATE COURSE

Venue : Griya Peni – Mbatik Yuuuk @ Perumahan Permata Timur 2, Jati Cempaka (close to Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta)

???????????????????????????????Start with Batik History and recognize the different between each pattern

01. PATTERN  WIDE500making pattern

??????????start to write using Canting as a pen and ‘malam’ (wax) as an ink, if you not ready to write the big ‘mori’  (special fabric for Batik) you may start with the small size, until you feel comfortable with your canting.

Each individual has different feeling in composing their heart , hand and mind.

That is why Batiking also a kind of Meditation process

??????????the scarf is almost half done,

the best Batik is if you written in the both side and without accident.





??????????Preparing for coloring

??????????Start coloring process – start with clear water – continue to special solution  to strengthen the color

??????????Coloring with synthetic/chemical powder

??????????Peel off the wax by put into boiling water

??????????Drying on the shade : the Fairy Tale


??????????Drying : the flower motif

??????????Final : Gorgeous Big Scarf of Mrs Yanti ( Architect )


Final : Nice First Product of Mr. Charles Silaen ( Accountant)

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