Introducing Indonesian Heritage to World Physics Olympiad  2012 judges

here some documentation on it :

???????????????????????????????Hand written Batik from Yogyakarta area ‘Parang Rusak Barong Gurdo’ pattern which special for the Royal Family (in the past ordinary people may not wear it)

???????????????????????????????Hand written Batik from Solo area ‘Satrio Manah’ (literally means You are the only person in my heart) pattern, it shows the fine ‘cecek’  (small fine dot) and ‘ukel’ (small fine coma pattern)

04. LASEM NIGHT N DAYHand written Batik from Lasem of  Rembang District – its called ‘Pagi Sore’ (or Night and Day), one piece of  ‘jarit’  (long skirt) have two pattern

03. JAWA BARU -SMLHand written Batik from Pekalongan – reproduction of Japanese era occupied Indonesia (1942-1945) its called HOKOKAI

???????????????????????????????Batik from Solo : ‘Sido Mukti’ pattern usually for Bride & Groom in their wedding day, means : asking to GOD for their forever love and happiness

???????????????????????????????Batik Solo : Truntum Gurdo pattern usually for both side parents in their children wedding day, means eventhough they had already married the parents still love and take care of them

???????????????????????????????Hand written Batik Pekalongan, theFlower pattern was influence by the Dutch  when the Dutch occupied Indonesia



???????????????????????????????from Vietnam



21.NYANTING - HOLLAND???????????????????????????????






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