HERITAGE WALK : Batik Coastal Area (Pesisir) – December 12-16, 2012

HERITAGE WALK  : Mbatikyuuuk supported Gelar (includes Tamasya Magazine and Media Indonesia)  introducing the Batik Coastal area for 5 days and 4 night, here are the documentation….enjoy



OBatik Sidoarjo influence by ‘Paisley’  (kidney or manggo or tears drop) design

OBatik Sidoarjo influence by the Madurese pattern

Batik Tanjung Bumi - Bangkalan - MaduraBatik Tanjung Bumi – Bangkalan – Madura

OBatik Desa Kerek – Tuban

O Batik Gedog (specific for Tuban) – one of that the groom have to bring when proposed for marriage

OLokcan pattern in its Gedog (traditional woven), influence by the Chinese

OBanji Pattern from Lasem

OBatik workshop at Lasem

pak sigit lasemMr Sigit (84 y.o – 2012)  & Mrs Sigit, Batik Lasem Legend

O Canting Cap Making  @ Semarang Batik Workshop – made of copper

OWoven area

OCanting, its a pen for writing or making batik

O It’s an honor to get the information from the Pekalongan Golden Hand, Ms Widya, the 3rd Generation of Oey Soe Tjoen

OBeautiful work of  OST

12.OST -1Signature


OBeautiful work

OThree Dimension of Batik making

OCirebon Batik workshop

01. CIREBON - AYAM ALASCirebon Classic Batik pattern of Ayam Alas

13. SAWAT PENGANTEN - CIREBONCirebon Classic Batik pattern of  Sawat Penganten, should be wear for Bride & Groom, please wear in this position (the wing should facing up)

OAmong Cirebon Batik

O‘Mepe’ – drying the Batik at Indramayu workshop

14. IWAK ETHONG INDRAMAYUIndramayu special pattern 0f Iwak Ethong (ethong wish) is my favorite one, its represented people work within this area  that mostly work as a fisherman

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