On Beautiful Sunday Morning, June 10, 2012

@ Bukit Pamulang Indah Mrs Wenny & family invited her family & close friend to know more about BATIK

Mrs Indra Tj, her sons (Haryo Widodo and Aryo Anindito) and Arin (Aryo’s girlfriend) are willing to share,

here the documentation :

A unique HOME of  WENNY’s

Detail of the FACADE (‘a bunch’ of recycle bottle)

Batik YOGYAKARTA  ‘mostly with white background’ – pattern SIDO MUKTI YOGYA STYLE (the Wing motif should be facing up), usually wear by the the Bride and Bridegroom, hopefully GOD bless both of them, gives them HAPPINESS and long live marriage. Their parents should wear TRUNTUM pattern (means eventhough their children already married, parents still love and take care of them)

The beautifull fine work of  hand written Batik Pamekasan MADURA made by Podhek Village person.

This is TUMPAL pattern in sarong (‘tube’ style cloth to wrap your body), please wear this pattern exactly in front of your body, (not in the side of your body), FYI Madura people wear in the back of their body (not in the side of the body)

Batik LASEM in a modern color, LATOHAN pattern is the most pattern Lasem Batik

Presentation : sharing about the History and its Philosophy before the batik making in hand process

Mrs Yunita with her ‘Merak Ngibing’ pattern from Tsikmalaya – West Java

Everybody seriously make their own hand written Batik

Dita the 4 years old girl also want to make Batik with Miss Arin help

Mrs Rita, Dita’s mum also try to make her own

Nawal shows Dad her Batik, before coloring

Nawal’s grandma also making Batik for her own (thank you Grandny for the beautiful food that you making)

Finally,  EVERYBODY HAPPY, cheers