Batik Workshop improved student ability in writing English

What is English Language ?

Language is just a tool to communicate to people.

A  Lecturer  may asked the students to do anything as long as the discussion is using English language is good; A good Lecturer  must have an ability to modify the subject of  assignment to make students more interested to practice it.

By teeling other people what you just seen after you watching Movie in English, it possibly you practicing Speaking English.

By writing a story about your experience in batik making, also could improving your ability in writing English. Writing English is totaly different with Writing in Bahasa Indonesia.

With English class Lecturer also could introducing to the students the Cultural Heritage, the the young people should know and understand why everybody should conserve their own Culture.

here, just an example :

I bring my students to feel the way the traditional people making a pattern in a piece of fabric that is called Batik