For most ordinary people buy Batik in very low prices is always expected, most people do not understand why there is a piece of  batik fabric at Rp 100,000 (about US $ 11) , but there is also a batik fabric for Rp. 2,000,000 (US $ 220) or even more, what is the difference ?

Actually a piece of batik have value because of :
1. whether the batik is created by canting or written batik ? or

Mr. Basuki is batiking

2. whether the batik is made ​​by stamp and finalized by canting ? or

3. whether the batik was made by small-eyed of canting or have large spout of canting ?

4. whether the batik is made on silk fabric ? mori primisima fabric ? mori prima fabric   or specific brand of mori*)
5. whether the batik, designed by an expert ? or famous person ?
Mr. Iwan Tirta Batik Maestro

Mr.Tirta’s design for the Leaders

6. whether it is new batik or reproduction ?

Mrs. Atie Soery0’s collection – Batik Belanda 0r Dutch Batik

7. whether the batik was made ​​by hand writing and the batik have very fine dot and clean ?

8. If the age of the Batik above 40 years have a high selling value.

Now, is your choice…

*) Mori is a kind of fabric that use for batiking