CONSULTATION : How to wear a Specific Pattern

Here some tips when you decided’ to wear ‘jarit’ (long Javanese  wrapped skirt-not sewed) :


1. the bouquet (buketan) should in the wright position, should be facing up

2. the ‘lar’ or ‘ gurdo’ , represent Garuda (bird) wing, should be facing up, DO NOT put up side down

3. the ‘head’ could be with bouquet pattern or ‘tumpal’ pattern, should be in the front NOT in the back or in the side (like the image below),  except ‘head’ for Madura pattern, should be wear in back side.

– THE END of the ‘jarit’

1. the ‘jarit’ for Ladies should be ended in the right side.

R A Kartini dan suaminya  bupati Rembang, K.R.M. Adipati Ario Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat (1903)

RA Kartini is the Emantipation Indonesian Leader

2. for man should be ended in theleft side.

– HOW TO WEAR the ‘wiru’, a kind of drapery

1. for ladies only 1,5 cm width, ended just a little bit to the right , DO NOT in the middle, according to the Javanese custom is not polite if  ladies wearing the ‘wiru’ ended right in the middle.

2. for man only 3 cm width, ended on the left side.

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