In traditional batik making, an artisan applies melted wax onto cloth with a handheld tool (canting), before dipping the cloth in dye.

The monthly workshop, led by batik artist Indra Tjahjani, will see participants draw batik on handkerchieves, scarves or T-shirts.

ONCE A MONTH at Museum Bank Mandiri within Old City area, just across the  end of TransJakarta (Busway) in Kota.

Other places possibly, it depend on the need, you may invite the ‘MBATIKYUUUK’ team to share with you.

Please contact : Mrs Indra Tj – 0811 1683 98

thank you 🙂

Director of UNESCO – Jakarta Office

Mrs Davis from Australian Embassy with her daughter try to make Batik

Mrs Davis start to waxing or ‘nyanting’ with a tool called canting

Showing the whole process of coloring Batik Sogan (Solo & Jogjakarta style)

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