UNESCO RECOGNITION ON BATIK AS WORLD HERITAGE, what does it means for the Indonesian Old Batik Pattern

Recognition from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization or the Organization of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which decides batik of Indonesia as a world heritage which has been announced on 2 October, 2009.

Government of Yogyakarta Special Region patented just 350 batik patterns out of 1,500 owned. That patent also conducted in Indonesia, is not internationally recognized patents. No one may create or designed the same motives as Governor of Yogyakarta Sultan Hamengkubuwono X said.

According to Sultan, Yogyakarta batik is made by ancestors so it is not known with certainty that is created batik motifs. Thus, the government of Yogyakarta registered those patents. Sultan also said in the law, patents on behalf of local governments is possible.

That is why? Do not so happy after he UNESCO recognition please registered each traditional pattern internationally immediately, to make sure the motifs or Batik patterns are ours. Not somebody else.

source :various



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