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BATIK had already known since Majapahit era  (around 14 Century) and its reach the peak when Majapahit divided into 2 Kingdom, Yogyakarta and Surakarta (Solo).  Batik actually is start from the Palace itself for the King and family. Batik from Surakarta and Yogyakarta has so many patterns. Each pattern has its own meaning and its philosophy. Some pattern can only be wore by certain people.

The word Batik itself came from the Javanese language, means dot, because when you drawn a line should be start with a dot, many dots become a line. (But, when people do batiking or making batik  the Javanese pronounce it as mbatik; People thought came from the word ‘amba’, that not correct, because amba means wide not doing something).

1. Sido Mukti
Batik with Sido Mukti pattern are worn by the bride and the groom. Sido means continuously, Mukti means prosper and full of happiness. It is expected the bride and groom who wear this batik will happy and prosperous. The pattern shows boxes in diagonal pattern and inside each box there are ‘meru’ or house, small ‘sawat’ or half wing and sometimes butterfly. Therefore, when wore this Batik the entire pattern should facing up.

2. Truntum
Batik with Truntum  pattern is worn by the parents of the bride and groom. Truntum means to guide. It is expected the parents are able to guide and giving wise advices to the bride and groom to stepping in the marriage life. Actually ‘truntum’ is represented the Jasmine bud.

3. Kawung
Batik with Kawung pattern is worn by the king and the family. Kawung pattern symbolizes justice and power.

Batik’s Kawung pattern has a meaning symbolizing the hope for human beings will always remember their origins.

This pattern consists of four circle focused on a point means a King that is assisted by his servants. Actually ‘kawung’ or ‘kolang kaling’ is a name of Palm fruit that Indonesian people love to eat, it could be mix in ‘es teller’ drink or can be made as red/green sweet pickle.

4. Parang Rusak
Parang means weapon (like a sword), it symbolizes power and strength.

Batik with Parang Rusak pattern is worn by the king and the family.

5. Ciptoning
A person who wear Batik with Ciptoning pattern is expected to be a wise person, he may give wise advice and right suggestion in the life.

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